He had left me horny and unsatisfied the night before. I had not planned on having any sexual encounter with him, but I had let my guard down and he had let me down. He was still sleeping peacefully beside me and I couldn’t help but play with his hair. He was a beautiful man, no one could ever take that from him. I wondered how our baby would look like, if we ever weathered our storm.

I got out of bed, I wanted to get away from him. I was mad at him, mad that he had fallen asleep on me, mad that he had left me libidinous the previous night, my clitoris throbbing and my heart pounding. He must have heard me getting up, I could feel his eyes on me as my naked body made it’s way towards the window. When I drew the curtains my mind was immediately taken by the alluring view and for a minute I became oblivious to everything around me, him included.

“Baby!”. He called out, bringing me back to reality. I turned to face him and I was met with his intense stare. I had long been accustomed to such stares. His gaze pierced my soul and set me on fire all over again. There was always something about the way he looked at me. Something that made my loins moist. I became desperate to finish what we had started the previous night. I wanted to feel him inside me with so much urgency. I wanted him just as badly as his morning wood made him want me. He had left me on the edge the night before and I needed him to push me off of that edge. I needed him to finish what we had started. To put out the fire he had ignited.

“I want you to fuck me!.” He commanded. I liked it when he was demanding. He turned me on when he told me what he wanted me to do to him and how he wanted it done, because only then was I able to learn him. To know what he liked and loathed, what pleased and displeased him, his most sensitive parts, his weaknesses. He was lying on his back when I got on the bed. I threw myself on top of him. I wanted to fuck him. Reverse Cowgirl. His favourite position.

I delicately sat on his dick and when my ass was well rested on his pelvic, and his dick deep inside me, we both moaned with satisfaction. My nipples and my clitoris had long become hard with thirst, eagerness and ambition. I started wining and grinding on his dick, moving slowly in circular motion, savouring every moment. He loved it like that, slow and intimate, but that wasn’t his moment. He had had his moment the night before, when he had cum in my mouth and I had swallowed his cum like an antidote. That was my moment, my turn to enjoy him as much as he had enjoyed me. I wanted to ride him fast. I was a beast, he had unleashed my inner demons the night before and I wanted to tame them the best way I knew how. Orgasm!

I slanted slightly to the right, in order to position his dick beneath my G-spot and when I felt his tip touch my G-spot I came alive. I rode him with so much passion and intensity, bouncing on his dick, making sure his tip hit my G-spot every time. An enormous sensation overcame me and I remember feeling like my clitoris was about to explode, my whole body was filled with pleasure and excitement and when I could no longer hold on to the ecstasy that had brewed inside me, I let go and my clitoris caved in. I started laughing as I washed him with my feminine juice. I was squirting!

I continued riding my man. I wanted him to cum inside me, to feel the joy that I was feeling, to share in my orgasm. I felt him raise his upper body slightly and lean towards me and I knew that he was close. He had given me the motivation I needed to ride him faster, when he let out a loud moan I knew then that his was cumming. I only stopped fucking him when he told me to stop. After he had emptied his balls.

“You are so good.” He said, under his breath. I knew I was. We lay side by side. His hands on my waist playing with my beads.



      1. You are welcome. Keep up the good work. You are definitely going places. You capture erotica in such a vivid and realistic manner that the reader can envision the whole process. You are talented. Most writers struggle with erotica so keep doing what you are doing. You are a writer to look out for.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. What a powerful literature! I am short of words to describe your piece. Truth be told, you almost caused me to return to my school to demand for part of my tuition as they never taught me to write as well as you do.

    Liked by 2 people

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