He was so good at giving directions and that made me wonder if he’d be as good in finding my most sensitive parts, if with every touch of his fingers and every lick of his tongue he’d awaken my desolate soul. I had gotten to his place with ease and when I saw him standing outside his main gate, my stomach sunk and I felt something move inside it, butterflies if you will. He hugged me like we had known each other in our past lives and the feeling of his chest pressed hard against my braless breasts enkindled me. I could feel my clitoris ferociously pressing against my panty, wanting to break free from the lace confinement.

“You are very personable,” I said under my breath, he must have struggled to hear me or maybe he never heard me at all. His thick black hair, his beard that perfectly covered his face and his olive skin sent me into a frenzy. His pictures had not done him justice, I noted. He was striking!

“You are beautiful ,” He acknowledged as he ushered me inside the gate. When we finally made it to his house, he immediately offered to make me something, to which I politely declined. I was only hungry for him and I knew he could tell as much. My sultry bedroom eyes betray me, they give me away so easily, and he was quick to pick up on them.


When he spanked my ass tenderly as we walked up the stairs towards his bedroom a profound sensation travelled all-over my body and rested on my clitoris awaking it once more. I moved away from him, his very presence filled me with all sorts of emotions and ideas. I hated myself for moving away. Why was I doing that to myself? It must have been a conflict between my conscience and my entire being. My body wanted him to do the things he had promised to do to it, my mind needed him to give it tranquillity and my heart as broken as it was and as far from him as it was, was seeking solace that it believed only he could provide. And my conscience you ask, well my conscience made that involuntary move. A move that denied him access to me.

He sat on the edge of the bed near his bedside cabinet when we got to his bedroom. I walked leisurely towards him and placed my medium sized ass beside him and our conversation began. He was from Chile he said, a small country in South America, a country I knew little about. He was a talker that one. He jabbered a lot, I barely let out a word. His pink lips moved preternaturally with every word he uttered and his charisma radiated in every word said. If he wasn’t the most prepossessing man I had ever seen then I don’t know who was. I was dumbfounded, my eyes glued to his lips as my mind pondered on the taste of them.

I wanted him to see me naked. I wanted him to see my dark skin uncovered, a skin he had sworn he loved in our numerous correspondences. I teasingly asked him for a massage, a trick that never fails me. He must have known my intentions, he smiled seductively as he nodded in affirmation. He was a good sport, I could tell by the way he looked at me. He was going to play along. I removed my shirt and lay on his bed, my face buried in his pillow and my nipples pinned on his semi-soft mattress. Flashes of euphoria spread throughout my body when he put his hands on me. I curved out a smile and waited in anticipation. The massage was mediocre to say the least but I am not complaining, I could care less about it. You and me both know what I really wanted and so did he.

His hands found their way to my lower body and I could feel him unzipping my skirt. The zip that had been perfectly aligned with my butt crack was being torn open exposing my lace G- string parts of which had been buried deep inside the crack.

My smile turned into a sexy grin, I was ready for him, ready for whatever he had in store for me. He gently slid the skirt off of my body, and when he was done, he came after my panty tearing it off with haste and determination you’d think it had done him wrong, but in truth he only wanted to get rid of the barrier that denied him absolute access to my lady parts. He spanked my ass One…!Two…! Three…! Four times that I can recall and the vibrations from the spanking found their way to my clitoris disturbing it and bringing it to life.

“You have a smooth skin,” he said almost in wonder and rightfully so. He got off the bed and I turned my head slightly towards him. My eyes followed his every movement. I watched him majestically take off his shirt and denim pants and I knew he’d want more access to my genitals when he got back on the bed so I turned and lay on my back, my nipples firmly pointing at the ceiling. He looked at me, he analyzed my body from head to toe repeatedly with his eyes squinted, almost like he had X-ray vision and was using it to look for my most sentient parts. Parts that if he’d touch would make me succumb to his every will.

When he slid his finger inside me I felt my knees get weak and my toes curl. He slightly curved his finger making his fingertip curl upwards to the wall of my vagina. He stimulated the ridged area by moving his fingertip gently in circular motion and sometimes back and forth. I lost all sense of control and gave in to him when he started taping it repeatedly and the occasional presses made me moan with exhilaration. His eyes were fixed on me, watching my every movement. He wanted to see how I reacted to every ounce of pleasure he instilled in me.



  1. That is fire by fire, you just make me want to read this with my eyes closed only that its your story wacha tu….. “sultry bedroom eyes” I can only imagine how they look!!! Let me wait for what is yet to “cum”

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Your vivid descriptions though….weeeh! Out of this should be a movie script writer I will be the director and producer…you bring out the sensation, juxtaposition,…you build the picture on your readers mind…its more than a talent…its an art…uko tu sawa…are these true life stories though?

    Liked by 1 person

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